Faculty, Staff, and Students

Group Photo in the lab

Executive Committee

Chris Maupin, Facility Manager

Ethan Grossman, Co-Director 
Department of Geology and Geophysics

Brendan Roark, Co-Director
Department of Geography

Niall Slowey
Department of Oceanography

Yige Zhang
Department of Oceanography

Graduate Students

Bryce Barney, Department of Geology and Geophysics

Meagan DePugh, Department of Geology and Geophysics

Daianne Höfig, Department of Oceanography

Bumsoo Kim, Department of Oceanography

Kourtney Lewis, Department of Geography

Xiaoqing Liu, Department of Oceanography

Vance Nygard, Department of Oceanography

Noura Randle, Department of Oceanography

Ronnakrit Rattanasriampaipong, Department of Oceanography

John Schiff, Department of Geography, SIGF Bio

Divya Saxena, Department of Geology and Geophysics

Mackenzie Schoemann, Department of Geography

Zeyang Sun, Department of Geology and Geophysics

Associated Faculty and Research Scientists

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Department of Ecosystem Science and Management

Department of Entomology (Agriculture and Life Sciences)

Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences

College of Engineering

Department of Civil Engineering

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

College of Geosciences

Department of Geography

Department of Geology & Geophysics  

Department of Oceanography 

Geochemical and Environmental Research Group 

Integrated Ocean Drilling Program 

Marine Sciences Department (TAMUG) 

Sea Grant (Geosciences)

College of Liberal Arts

Department of Anthropology

College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences

Student Staff

Faith Kramer ('18)

Audrey Housson ('17, Undergraduate Honors Thesis Student)

Celia Lorraine McChesney ('17, Undergraduate Honors Thesis Student)

Sara Mendiola ('17, Undergraduate Honors Thesis Student)

Former Graduate Students

Ellen Bartow-Gillies (MS ’18)

Kelci Miller (MS ’18)

Howard “Nate” Naylor (M.S. ’18)

Alex van Plantinga (PhD ’15)

Lauren Graniero (MS ’14)

Leslye Mitty Mohon (MS ’14)

Andrew Roark (MS ‘14)

Brock Shenton (MS ’14)

Katie Schreiner (PhD ’13)

Xinxin Li (PhD ’12)

Kai Tao (PhD ’12)

Teddy Them (MS ’12)

Ryan Flake (MS ’11)

Josiah Strauss (PhD ’10)

Former Staff

John A. Robbins, Former Halbouty Post-Doc in the Department of Geology and Geophysics and Interim Part-time Facility Manager 2012-13 (currently Senior Field Service Engineer, Elementar Americas)

Art Kasson, Facility Manager, 2009-2011 (currently Business Development Manager, Elementar Americas Inc.)

Hannah Powers (BS ‘12)

Jessica Robertson (BS ‘12)

Beth Stockert (BA ‘12), student worker

Destiny Winning (BS ‘13)